Anyknow know this past amateur?

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Anyknow know this past amateur?

Postby Void » 09 Sep 2003, 09:50

Larry Barlfield out of Orlando, Florida. 1981 Golden Gloves Champ. Dad was Bob Barfield who is listed in the database.
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Postby Dave1armedTua » 10 Sep 2003, 03:27

I know OF him, but don't know him personally.
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Postby Void » 10 Sep 2003, 07:05

Where can I get information on him?
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Postby enrique » 13 Sep 2003, 11:36

I met him in the eighties. He had a couple of pro fights. His manager or trainer was Stan Tomasello, out of Orlando. Good orthodox style with a decent jab.
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Postby MikeK » 07 Feb 2008, 16:03

I knew Robbie Barfield and his dad, Bob.
Robbie was a good amateur in Orlando,
He went to the National Junior Olympics back in 1972 and was runner-up in the middleweight class I believe.
I sparred with him once in awhile. His father, Bob,
was a pro. There may have been a few brothers,
but they were young when I was training there in
1971-74. I heard both Robbie and his dad have
passed away, this was probably in the '90s.
Too bad, they were good people.

Robbie would be about 51 right now. I don't know if he ever turned pro.
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Re: Anyknow know this past amateur?

Postby songman2112 » 02 May 2010, 22:54

My Dad Is Bob Barfield.I am Larry Barfield.My Father is alive and well,living in Greenville Tenn.and My Brother Robbie is alive and well,own an antique restorastion business in Hoston Texas.

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