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Chuck Walker

Postby Hissner » 23 Jun 2006, 11:24

Does anyone have pro record of 1976 Olympic representative Chuck Walker?

He was an amatuer champion from Mesa, AZ. After turning pro eventually moved to Houston, TX. under management of Abercrombe.

Only half a dozen of his fights are shown on Box Rec. He had to have over 20 bouts.
joe kurtz
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Postby joe kurtz » 30 Oct 2006, 16:02

Yeah, this site only has him listed as having had nine pro fights, but I know that he had more because I followed his career back in late 70s through the mid 80s.
While boxrec only gives him credit for having had one bout before facing & losing to veteran Darryl Penn via KO by 4, I distincly recall him as being 3-0 going into that fight. With all three victories being via 10 round decision wins over failly solid journeymen opponents.
Obviously, Walker was given a bit of special attention because of his electing to jump right from the amatuers into full 10 round fights. Something rarely done, especially here in the States.
But, then came to upset loss to Penn whom, if I recall correctly, dropped Chuck three times in the fourth round of their bout, followed by a retirement that lasted a couple-few years. After which he hooked up with Abercrombe & her Houston Boxing Association.
I'm not sure how many fights he had while with them, but the record doesn't appear to be missing anything. The last fight that I'm aware of him having was that D10 with "Bigfoot" Martin who at the time actually was a reasonably touted supermiddleweight - lt. heavy prospect. This being before he discovered his appetite & went on to become the journeyman's journeyman of heavyweight opponents.
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Chuck Walker professional record?

Postby Hissner » 31 Oct 2006, 10:20

1976 Olympic representative Chuck Walker had a 13-1-1 pro record. The following is missing: Two bouts in AZ one in 1977 when he turned pro and one in 1978 both 10 rounders. 11/15/77 WD10 Tony McMinn 1978 WD10 Joe Gonsalvez 1979 WD10 Renato Garcia 3/20/80 LTKO4 Darryl Penn. All bouts in Phoenix, AZ. Between McMinn and Penn are two missing bouts. Resumed his career 11/16/84 WTKO4 Frank Pollard Houston, TX. Next WD6 12/7/84 Ignacio Zavala 1985 WD6 Tony Shorter, WKO1 Lenny DeRoche WD8 Cecil Pettigrew WKO Frank Lux date missing in 1985 for WD10 Raul Aguirre 1986 D10 7/5/86 Everett Martin and final bout no date in 1986 WKO7 Tyler Dupuy Last 4 bouts in Conroe TX after 5 bouts in Houston TX 2 Bouts in AZ and 2 dates in AZ along with 2 dates in TX are missing. MaxBoxing's Lee Groves did a story beginning of Oct on Walker
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Postby boxmel » 01 Nov 2006, 15:54

Hi Ken - glad to see you are putting more of Chuck Walker's picture together. :D Did his uncle Max ever email you? I asked him to.
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Postby delisa » 01 Nov 2006, 18:41

I have corresponded with Ken about Chuck's pro record, but I thought I would share here what I have on his amateur bouts --

Chuck Walker

Hometown Cut-´n-Shoot, TX
Born: May 10, 1950, Mesa. AZ; Lives in Lake Conroe, TX

Amateur Record 65-11 (12 losses?)

Amateur Highlights

Phoenix Golden Gloves
Mar 7 Corey Schmidt Phoenix, AZ ? 3 139 lb open
((decision "reversed and both named co-champions)
(Walker's brother Mac won 156 novice same day)


National AAU Championships
Jun 14 Keith Broome Shreveport, LA KO 1 final

Poland vs. USA
Aug 13 Tadeus Sybinski Springfield, IL KO 3

--- PAn Am games rep

Mar 22 Bobby Suarez Miami, FL W 3

May opponent --- L 3 natl aau QF

US Western Regional Olympic Trials
May 20 Tom Werlinger Stuart, NV KO 2
May 21 Lacey Brown Stuart, NV KO 2 QF
May 22 Joey Keene Stuart, NV W 3 Semi
May 22 James Waire Stuart, NV W 3 Final (59-11)

Olympic Trials, Jun 2-5
Jun 3 JB Williamson Cincinatti, OH W 3
Jun 4 Willie Taylor Cincinatti, OH W 3
Jun 5 Henry Bunch Cincinatti, OH [W] Final

Jun 26 Henry Bunch Burlington, VT W 3 Box-off?

Jul 25 Jerry Rybicki Montreal Canada L 3 (3-2)
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Postby boxmel » 01 Nov 2006, 19:17

Thanks, "Editor." I'm sure Ken will appreciate the info :TU:

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