Brudov vs Arslan

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Brudov vs Arslan

Postby odurt » 15 Apr 2007, 21:37

This bought is for the Interim WBA Cruiserweight title.
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Postby jomothepure » 12 Jun 2007, 04:26

Definitely for the Interim title.

Very nearly at the bottom of the website

New resolution

Valery Brudov (Interim Champion) and Firat Arslan (Offical Challenger) were not able to fight by 1 March, 2007. That bout are permitted to be conducted no later than June 16, 2007.
Virgil Hill (Champion in Recess) will not be able to fight as required the Interim Champion by 1 July 2007. Hill has indicated to the WBA that he is able to defend his title by that date. However, there are press reports that he has undergone surgery for a knee injury; confirmation of the injury and surgery has not been received by the WBA. Therefore, Hill is allowed until October 15, 2007 to fight the winner of the Brudov-Arslan bout. If the winner of that bout is not available by that date, he will lose the Interim title, and Hill will be required to defend his Regular title against an Official Challenger named by the World Championships Committee.

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