1889-03-05 (112lbs) Nunc Wallace w co 8 (finish) Little Bill Goode, London, England

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1889-03-05 (112lbs) Nunc Wallace w co 8 (finish) Little Bill Goode, London, England. Referee: George Dunning. Stated to have been for the English 112lbs title, the match had been articled for a finish at 114lbs. Thus, it was hardly surprising there was a strong feeling that the scales were faulty. Smashed down in the opening round it was obvious that Goode (110) had to get to close quarters if he could, but Wallace (110) stayed on the outside, placing his punches and taking his time. Dropped in the third, fifth (twice) and seventh, Goode was in a bad way. He was then brutalised in the eighth when going down four times in all. The din was tremendous and following a ring invasion the crowd were told that Goode had already been counted out, 12 seconds having elapsed since he tried to get back into the fray. Although Goode was known to be great on the inside, Wallace ultimately proved that he had too much boxing skill and power for him.

On 27 April, at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington, London, Arthur Westley outpointed Charlie Smith over four rounds in the final of a 112lbs English championship competition before stating that he was really a 106lbs man.

With Wallace now claiming the 112lbs world title, Fatty Harvey challenged all England at 112lbs on 11 October. At 114lbs, however, Arthur Wilkinson, who was still claiming to be the best man in England, eliminated Smith from the scene when outpointing him over four rounds at the Saddlers Wells Theatre, Clerkenwell, London, on 14 December, to win a championship competition.