1891-09-17 (104lbs) Jim Knowles w co 9 (finish) Mike Small, Albany Club, Islington, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1891-09-17 (104lbs) Jim Knowles w co 9 (finish) Mike Small, The Albany Club, Islington, London, England. Referee: George Vize. Billed for the English 104lbs title, it was a terrific bout while it lasted, with Small (102) holding his own until the end of the seventh round despite being dropped in the third. At times they fought all over the ring, it being difficult to see a winner, but by the end of the eighth Knowles (103½) had taken over. Then, in the ninth, an exhausted Small went to the floor after a heavy rally and stayed down to be counted out. Interestingly, it was thought to be the first time a gong was used by the timekeeper to start and end rounds.