1891-12-05 (110/112lbs) Joe Portley w co 3 (20) Bill Moore, Pelican Club, Soho, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1891-12-05 (110/112lbs) Joe Portley w co 3 (20) Bill Moore, Pelican Club, Soho, London, England. Referee: George Vize. Articled for 110 to 112lbs, using four-ounce gloves, while there was no title billing as such later gossip gave it as being for the English 110 (with both inside the weight) and 112lbs championships. The contest got underway with the hard-hitting Portley (110) looking for any opportunity to find the target, while Moore (110) boxed in defensive mode. In the second round it was clear that Portley possessed both the skill and the power to finish early, hurting Moore on several occasions with right-hand smashes. It really warmed up in the third as Portley and Moore went punch for punch, and it came as no surprise when the latter was dropped in a heap and counted out after taking a stream of solid two-handed shots from his aggressive rival.

With Billy Plimmer concentrating on the bigger fish other men who were challenging all England at 110lbs title were Bill James, Alf Winters, Charlie Gibbs, Bill Lewis, Jim Evans, Jim Keating (January 1892) and Tim Sullivan (October 1892).

Meanwhile, at 112lbs, Charlie Smith challenged all England on 12 December, and Alf Sparrow won a championship competition at the Paradise Street School of Arms, Lambeth, London on 9 February 1892, outpointing Alf Holmes over six rounds in the final.