1900-02-09 Dick Burge w co 1 (20) Jack Scales, New Palace Club, Westminster, London, England

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1900-02-09 Dick Burge w co 1 (20) Jack Scales, New Palace Club, Westminster, London, England. Referee: Ed Plummer. Despite Burge (146) being far too light to be considered a heavyweight title claimant, within five seconds of the opening round he had dropped Scales (174) and had the latter at his mercy. On Scales rising, Burge smashed in lefts and rights on his stricken foe to floor him yet again. Down fell Scales time after time only to rise and receive more hard blows before eventually being deposited over the lower rope and counted out. With Burge moving on, Scales continued to claim the championship after what appeared to be a decided ‘fix’ in the eyes of many of those present.

Among the men to challenge all England were John Jackson (28 February) and Pat Daly, who won a championship competition at Wonderland, Mile End, London on 5 March when knocking out Jim Styles in the first round of the final.

Earlier, Daly, making his debut as a heavyweight, eliminated Scales from the competition following a three-round points win. However, when Daly, who always claimed his victory over Scales was by a third-round kayo, was challenged by the latter to decide the championship over 20 rounds he declined the offer, thus forfeiting any right he had to be called champion.

Meanwhile, Scales knocked out Cloggy Saunders in the second of their scheduled ten two-minute rounds contest at the same venue on 7 January 1901 before being knocked out in the fourth by Harry Neumier (again in the same ring) on 22 April. Also reported as a first-round kayo defeat by the Mirror of Life, Scales’ stock slumped even though it was a mere six two-minute rounder and contested over a non-championship distance.