1907-02-11 (140lbs) Jack Goldswain w co 5 (20) Pat Daly, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1907-02-11 (140lbs) Jack Goldswain w co 5 (20) Pat Daly, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Referee: J. H. Douglas. Articled for the English 140lbs title, and involving Goldswain’s Imperial British Empire championship claim, Daly (148), who had continually boasted that he could make the requisite weight, came in eight pounds over and paid forfeit. Goldswain (139½) started the better, punching with considerable power when forcing Daly around the ring in the second. Following a couple of slow rounds Goldswain came out for the fifth with a vengeance, and after backing Daly into a corner a left hook to the jaw sent the latter down to be counted out.

On retaining the championship, Goldswain challenged the world. A young man aptly named Freddie Welsh, who was now issuing challenges to all England, put down a £20 deposit at the offices of the Sporting Life to bind a match with Goldswain. However, this situation turned into farce as first one man and then the other stated that their deposit had not been covered. In the 3 May issue of the Sporting Life Goldswain was quoted as saying that Welsh would have to wait until next season as he was far too busy.

Despite being outpointed by Young Joseph over 20 two-minute rounds at Wonderland, Mile End, London on 20 January 1908, in a match made at 144lbs, with Goldswain continuing to claim the English 140lbs title he was challenged by Bill Wood (June) and Joe Fletcher (October).

On 23 November 1908, Johnny Summers (134lbs) stopped Goldswain inside 14 rounds (at the NSC). Made at catchweights, Goldswain (144lbs), who came in as a substitute, to all intents and purposes lost his English 140lbs title claim on the result.