1909-03-26 (122lbs) Abe Attell w co 8 (20) Frankie White, The Arena, Dayton, Ohio, USA

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1909-03-26 (122lbs) Abe Attell w co 8 (20) Frankie White, The Arena, Dayton, Ohio, USA. Billed for the American (world) 122lbs title, the Milwaukee Free Press reported that both men made the weight at the 2pm weigh-in. Starting after White from the opening bell, Attell made his intentions clear from the beginning, and doing almost as he pleased he cut the Chicago man and closed one of his eyes in the fourth round after raining in lefts and rights to the head. Although White came back in the next two sessions, the seventh saw him extremely groggy before a right to the jaw dropped him to be counted out in the eighth.

On 26 April, Attell beat Biz Mackey (nd-w rtd 8 at the Southern Theatre, Columbus, Ohio) in what was originally proposed to be a finish fight that eventually went ahead as a ten-rounder after the Mayor designated it as a sparring session only. Due to the evolving situation, it is thought that the contest went ahead at catchweights with Mackey inside 122lbs. Although Mackey made the running, Attell, whose right hand was damaged in the second, finally went to work in the eighth, knocking his rival down twice before the towel was thrown in on the instructions of the police.

Attell next risked his title claim on 6 September against Eddie Kelly (nd-w pts 6 at the American AC, Luna Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) in a mundane six rounder before taking on Tommy O’Toole (w pts 12 at the Armory AA, Boston, Massachusetts on 14 September). Despite the Boston Post reporting that this was yet another defence of Attell’s title claim, it could not be substantiated as the weights were never made available.

The next man up for Attell was Buck Twin Miller at 124lbs on 5 October at the Douglas AC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania over six rounds, the champion being adjudged by the press to have won comfortably. Some papers reported that it was his twin brother, Charley, that Attell beat, but it hardly mattered who it was such was his dominance. Three days later Patsy Kline (nd-w pts 6 at the Nonpareil AC, Philadelphia on 8 October) went the same way, but there was no inkling that the title was at stake. Attell's final two fights of 1909 took place at the Phoenix AC, Memphis, Tennessee against Johnny Moran (w pts 8 on 22 November) and Charley White (w pts 8 on 6 December), and despite being mere eight-rounders, according to the Memphis Daily Appeal they both carried title involvement at 122lbs.