1910-01-01 (122lbs) Abe Attell nd-w rtd 2 (15) Eddie Kelly, Southern AC, Savannah, Georgia, USA

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1910-01-01 (122lbs) Abe Attell nd-w rtd 2 (15) Eddie Kelly, Southern AC, Savannah, Georgia, USA. Referee: Shorty Jenkins. Reported in the Savannah Morning News as a billed title fight at 122lbs, over the years it was a contest that has been shown as ending in the fifth or eighth round and being stopped by the police. The truth was far from that. After Kelly had stepped in at short notice for Young Britt, there were many rumours flying around that it was going to be a fake. Angered by the charge, Attell came out for the opening round with no intention of allowing Kelly to go the distance, setting a tremendous pace that would have been impossible to keep up for more than a few rounds, and the latter was rocked by heavy rights and lefts before finishing up on one knee at the bell. With Attell keeping up the pace in the second, it was more of the same for the limited Kelly. Although the challenger was not floored he was reeling around the ring, unable to defend himself, when his corner threw up the sponge.

On 24 February, Attell met Frankie Neil (nd-w pts 10 at the Long Acre AC, Manhattan, NYC, New York), and four days later, on 28 February, it was the turn of Harry Forbes (nd-w rtd 7 at the Beaver AC, Troy, New York). While made at catchweights, both men were allowed to come in at 122lbs. Although Attell allowed Neil to last the distance, he cut up and battered Forbes to such a degree that his handlers eventually threw up the sponge to save their man for a better day. Another fight that saw the opposition allowed to make 122lbs came on 18 March at the National AC, Manhattan, Attell (128) winning a ten-round no-decision bout over Johnny Marto (121).

Attell’s next six contests were all at the lightweight limit before he gave Charley White (nd-w pts 10 at the Hippodrome, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 16 September) the opportunity to take over from him in a catchweight contest where he would make 126lbs to the latter’s 122. Another catchweight contest for Attell that was thought to involve his title claim came against Charley’s brother, Jack White (nd-w pts 15 at the Auditorium Rink, Winnipeg, Canada on 10 October). This one was reported by the Winnipeg Telegram as a championship affair.