1911-08-17 (158lbs) Cyclone Johnny Thompson nd-l pts 10 Frank Klaus, National AC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA

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1911-08-17 (158lbs) Cyclone Johnny Thompson nd-l pts 10 Frank Klaus, National AC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA. The New York Times reported that Thompson was still claiming the title and that both men were inside 158lbs for this one. Klaus hammered Thompson for ten rounds, having the better of every session, but could not knock over the latter who covered up, crouched low, clinched when under fire, and took heavy blows to the jaw without flinching.

Following this, Thompson took in another tour of Australia, involving four fights that were contested above the middleweight limit.

Back in America, another contest for Thompson that was reported in some quarters as involving the title came when he drew over 20 rounds with Frank Mantell at Buffalo Park, Sacramento, California on 3 July 1912. Billed as a catchweight contest, the Sacramento Union reported that Mantell came to the ring somewhere in the region of 160lbs while Thompson was a good 12 pounds heavier. The paper went on to say that it did not involve the title.

Despite Thompson continuing to claim the title it was clear that his ten-round meeting with George KO Brown at the Marquette SC, Peoria, Illinois on 10 September 1912 did not come into the 158lbs category either. This one came to an end in the sixth round when the police asked the referee to stop the fight after several foul blows had been landed by Brown. Right from the opening bell it could be seen that Brown was the stronger of the two, but with both men continually sending in low punches it could not last.

A few days later, on 16 September 1912, at Hippodrome Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, an over-the-weight Thompson was adjudged by the press to have drawn over ten rounds against Eddie McGoorty in a match made at 160lbs. Interestingly, the fight took in an extra round before anyone realised that a mistake had been made. The New York Times reported that Thompson’s title aspirations appeared over, a statement that was backed up when the latter fought just four more times at weights well in excess of 158lbs.