1913-03-05 (160lbs) Frank Klaus w disq 15 (20) Billy Papke, The Circus, Paris, France

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1913-03-05 (160lbs) Frank Klaus w disq 15 (20) Billy Papke, The Circus, Paris, France. Recognised by most of the authorities within reason, except the New York Boxing Commission who still supported Frank Mantell, this was billed as a title fight at 160lbs. Klaus (159), starting as he meant to continue by attacking Papke’s body and invariably connecting with some heavy deliveries, was never headed. By the end of the 12th round Papke (159) had taken considerable punishment, and having been in distress on several occasions he began to fight wildly. Extremely riled he lost his head, starting to go low in the 13th. After being warned several times, when Papke took no notice he was disqualified in the 15th.

Back home, Klaus met Eddie McGoorty (nd-w pts 6 at the Exposition Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 24 May) at 158lbs and Jimmy Gardner (w co 3 at the Atlas AA, Boston, Massachusetts on 1 July). The last named was an over-the-weight contest in which Gardner expected to land the 158lbs title. Another fight where Klaus (162½) risked his title claim came on 29 September at the Southside AA, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, McGoorty (157¾) being awarded the ten-round press decision.

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