1916-06-06 (145lbs) Jack Britton w pts 12 Mike O’Dowd, Armory AA, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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1916-06-06 (145lbs) Jack Britton w pts 12 Mike O'Dowd, Armory AA, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Ever since taking a press decision off Soldier Bartfield (nd-w pts 10 at The Arena, Hudson, Wisconsin on 12 November 1915), O’Dowd had been staking a claim to the title, albeit a weak one. A protégé of Mike Gibbons, this was his first proper opportunity to land the title in a fight reported by the Lowell Sun to be of championship status. Presumably made at 145lbs, although no weights were given in reports, Britton let O’Dowd force the fight from the opening bell, and while taking plenty at close quarters he continually stuck the left into the challenger’s face. The last three rounds saw Britton finally open up, but with O’Dowd staying with him many thought he was unlucky not to get a share of the spoils.

On 23 June, Britton (147) risked his title claim when taking on the 145lbs Battling Kopin at The Arena, Syracuse, New York, winning the ten-round newspaper decision.