1925-07-02 Harry Greb w pts 15 Mickey Walker, Polo Grounds, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD

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1925-07-02 Harry Greb w pts 15 Mickey Walker, Polo Grounds, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD. Referee: Ed Purdy. Despite having difficulties making the weight, the champion still had enough left to take a unanimous decision over the youthful Walker (152), the holder of the world welterweight title. Even though he was put down on one knee in the second round Walker was soon tearing into Greb (159), giving the champion such a drubbing in the fifth that it looked as though the title would be changing hands. A round later, however, the tide had turned as Greb began to outbox Walker, and although staggered several times he continued to hold the upper hand right through to the final bell. Walker finished with badly lacerated features and the referee with a limp, having been kneed in the groin, accidentally or otherwise, when warning Greb to cut out the holding.

Following this recognised title defence for Greb there were two further fights for him that were initially thought by some to have had some bearing on the championship. According to certain reports, Greb allowed Ed Smith, who was counted out in the fourth round of their no-decision contest at the Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas on 4 August, to come into the ring weighing 160lbs. There was no way that Smith, who was fighting in the heavyweight division at the time, could have made that weight and it must be seen as a misprint.

As in the case of the Smith affair, his fight against Tony Marullo at The Coliseum Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana on 13 November 1925 was also a strange one. Billed for the world title, both the Ring Record Book and the New Orleans Daily Picayune reported Greb as weighing 169lbs to Marullo’s 168. With the middleweight limit set at 160lbs there was a strong suspicion that there had been a misprint, but with Marullo fighting at around the 170lbs mark at the time and Greb often weighing in that region I feel it best that this one is ignored as involving the championship.