1938-03-25 Ad Heuser w rtd 7 (15) Gustave Roth, Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany - IBU

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1938-03-25 Adolf Heuser w rtd 7 (15) Gustave Roth, Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany - IBU. Setting about Roth (175) from the opening bell, on recognising that he had to stop his rival from dictating the contest Heuser (175) got inside with vicious non-stop swings and hooks to batter the champion from his title. By the sixth round it had become clear that Heuser would not be checked, and in the seventh Roth was floored three times before his manager realised the hopelessness of his charge’s task when throwing in the towel. Roth, who had tried all he knew to stem the tide, was cheered from the ring for his game display.

During an international boxing convention held in Rome in April, which was attended by many leading authorities within the sport (not including the New York State Athletic Commission, who could not agree to designate any part of its function to a foreign body as it was ruled by State legislative law), the IBU agreed to refuse to recognise all individually-made world champions, including their own, in an effort to stand by one universally acknowledged champion, who, in turn, would have to concede to regular defences decided by the new Federation.