1941-03-21 Joe Louis w rsc 13 (20) Abe Simon, Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USA - WORLD

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1941-03-21 Joe Louis w rsc 13 (20) Abe Simon, Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USA - WORLD. Referee: Sam Hennessey. Articled for 20 rounds, this would be the last world title bout contested over that distance. Running out of live opponents the champion probably figured that Simon (254½) would only last a round or so, especially after he knocked the latter down in the first with a solid right to the jaw. However, Simon was up at ‘two’ smiling, having suffered the first knockdown of his career, and was still walking into Louis (202) when he was put down for ‘nine’ in the third from a similar punch. Getting up, when the ponderous Simon began pumping out lefts regardless he started to outpoint and outpunch Louis in several sessions despite being staggered by one punch after another throughout. After the tenth Simon had shot his bolt, although still game to the core. The 12th saw Louis desperately trying to finish Simon off, but he had to wait until the 13th when a terrific right to the side of the head dropped the latter for ‘nine’. Back on his feet Simon was ambushed as Louis landed punch after punch, and before long he was down again for ‘nine’ when felled by a right hand that landed spot on the jaw. Following a left hook to the jaw, with Simon, looking totally dazed, holding on to the ropes for support, the referee halted the action on the 1.20 mark. At the end of the contest Louis was carrying a swollen left eye while Simon's face was a mask of blood from damage to both eyes. It was reported afterwards that Simon had actually broken his right hand in the days leading up to the fight.