1970-06-27 Bob Foster w co 10 (15) Mark Tessman, Civic Centre, Baltimore, Maryland, USA - WORLD

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1970-06-27 Bob Foster w co 10 (15) Mark Tessman, Civic Centre, Baltimore, Maryland, USA - WORLD. Referee: Terry Moore. An unknown quantity Tessman (170) began moving away from the champion as early as the first round, and although he occasionally scored with the left jab he was being stalked. Despite Foster (173¾) being in control for much of the time Tessman occasionally surprised him with bouts of activity, especially in the seventh when he moved in and out with stinging punches. Cut over the right eye in the eighth, instead of backing off Tessman began to pick up the fight in the ninth before Foster dropped him heavily with a left hook to the jaw in the tenth. Counted out on the two-minute mark, Tessman had nothing to be ashamed of according to The Ring magazine.

Foster forfeited WBA recognition in December for consistently failing to defend his title against top-rated contenders during the last two years. Those were the words of the WBA, who shortly afterwards announced that a match had been arranged between the two leading challengers, Jimmy Dupree and Vicente Rondon, for the Association’s version of the title.

Earlier, on 18 November, at the Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, Foster had been knocked out in the second round when challenging Joe Frazier for the world heavyweight title and required more time to prepare for a 175lbs title defence. The WBC was prepared to wait but the WBA were not. After getting back into training following the Frazier fight, a few weeks later Foster signed to meet Hal Carroll.