1975-03-02 Roberto Duran w co 14 (15) Ray Lampkin, New City Gym, Panama City, Panama - WBA

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1975-03-02 Roberto Duran w co 14 (15) Ray Lampkin, New City Gym, Panama City, Panama - WBA. Referee: Isaac Herrera. Starting quickly the champion got away well, but by the fifth Lampkin (133½) was still in the fight, and with a mixture of courage and classy boxing he ignored the warning signs when beginning to trade on equal terms. In the eighth it was clear that Lampkin was suffering from the searing heat as quick combinations from Duran (134½) caught him with his hands down on several occasions. Cut on the right eye in the tenth, a round later when Lampkin’s right eye closed the end was in sight as Duran made the run for home. With Lampkin fading fast, he was counted out 39 seconds into the 14th after a left hook to the body and a right to the head had sent him to the floor. He was worryingly unconscious for almost an hour before being given full medical clearance five days later.

Duran next took on a couple of contests against nondescripts before it was announced that he would be defending against Antonio Gomez in Caracas, Venezuela on 30 August. Unfortunately, that was scrapped a few days later when Gomez was beaten by Luis Aisa (l pts 10 in Caracas on 28 July). Next up, Monroe Brooks was short listed for 22 October before he too was beaten in a contest for the vacant North American junior welter title by Adolfo Viruet (l pts 10 at Dunes Hotel & Country Club, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on 29 August). Having won a couple of non-title bouts a championship fight against Leoncio Ortiz was made for 7 November in Mexico City, but when that date was cancelled the fight was moved forward to San Juan, Puerto Rico on 14 December.