1988-03-21 Mike Tyson w rsc 2 Tony Tubbs, The Dome, Tokyo, Japan - WORLD

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1988-03-21 Mike Tyson w rsc 2 Tony Tubbs, The Dome, Tokyo, Japan - WORLD. Referee: Arthur Mercante. Despite doing well in the opening round, scoring with good jabs and claiming his man on the inside, before the end of the session was over Tubbs (238¼) knew what he was up against when the champion landed heavily to the body and head just as the bell rang. Picking the pace up in the second Tyson (216¼) applied constant pressure, throwing punches from both hands, and just when it looked as though Tubbs would make it to the end of the round a tremendous left hook to the head ripped open a cut on his right eye and sent him down heavily. Even before the referee could take up the count Tubbs’ second rushed into the ring to give the stricken fighter's aid, the fight being stopped with six seconds of the round remaining. Although the second’s action should have bought Tubbs a disqualification the result was announced as a technical knockout win for Tyson.

Regardless of the fact that the IBF saw Tyson as the champion, they were not involved in the promotion due to them not being recognised by the Japanese Boxing Commission.

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