19 December (112lbs) Fred Delaney w pts 20 Jack Walker, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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19 December (112lbs) Fred Delaney w pts 20 Jack Walker, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Referee: Bernard J. Angle. Made at 112lbs, despite a lack of billing both men treated the contest as one that would give the winner as much of a chance as anyone else at the weight in England. In what was a very close battle, Delaney (112) just about did enough better work than Walker (110) to be declared the winner, but there was never much between them. It appeared that Walker, who was always looking to get inside, was the harder puncher of the two but Delaney’s accuracy kept him in front. By keeping his left fully extended, Delaney nullified much of Walker’s attacking mode in the last four sessions and although the latter was the stronger at that stage he was unable to take advantage. Regardless of having a valid claim at 112lbs, Delaney goes nowhere with it.

On 23 January 1899, Harry Ware claimed that he was the world champion, but a fight between Ware and Billy Plimmer, scheduled for 3 April 1899, was called off when neither could make the weight. Then, seven days later, a fight between George Corfield and Albert Gould was cancelled when the latter was unable to pass the medical, being totally unfit to box. Although Corfield claimed the title by default neither he, Ware or Plimmer boxed at 112lbs again and Jack Guyon joined the list of claimants when challenging the world on 3 September 1900, prior to stopping Jim Kenrick inside four rounds on 14 November 1900 in the final of an English championship competition at the Goodwin Club, Shoreditch, London. Guyon had earlier eliminated Jack Player and Dave Morbin. Another 112lbs man to throw his hat into the ring was Andrew Tokell, who challenged all England on 31 January 1901.