1877-10-26 (158lbs) Jem Goode drew 29 (finish) Mickey Rees, Saddlers Wells Theatre, Clerkenwell, London, England

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1877-10-26 (158lbs)Jem Goode drew 29 (finish) Mickey Rees, Saddlers Wells Theatre, Clerkenwell, London, England. Billed for the English 158lbs gloved championship according to Bells Life and the Sportsman, it was stopped by the police 25 seconds into the 29th round and declared a draw the next day. Goode (158), who had broken his right arm in the second round, was obviously relieved at the verdict which came about after Rees (158) accepted an extra £5. Before breaking his arm the man from Billingsgate had twice put Rees down with right hands, but after that he was forced to box with the left only and although continuing to hurt the latter he was unable to repeat the trick. It was reported that Rees’ backers felt that 13 years in the ring had finally caught up with him.

There was little activity at 158lbs until 1885 when England’s Bill Springhall challenged the world on 18 March, having arrived in America. However, despite beating the 43-year-old George Rooke by a third-round kayo on 11 May, by early July he was back in Britain complaining that all the top men in the States, including Nonpareil Jack Dempsey, had refused to fight him.

A further lull in action at the weight was halted when Alf Ball challenged the world on 29 November 1889, stating that if there were no acceptances he would claim the 154lbs English title.

This was followed by Jim Richardson drawing with Jack Martin in a four-round championship competition at Hengler’s Circus, Hull on 6 February 1890.