1878-09-20 (128lbs) Billy McLeod w co 6 (finish) James Wright, Ardwick, Manchester, England

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1878-09-20 (128lbs) Billy McLeod w co 6 (finish) James Wright, Ardwick, Manchester. Held at a private show and refereed by George Probert, it was contested under MoQ Rules at 128lbs and was the first finish fight with gloves at the weight. Having made a slow start when allowing Wright to do as pleased during the first four rounds, McLeod opened up in the fifth and in the sixth he knocked his rival out following a heavy blow to the jaw. Following his emphatic victory, McLeod claimed the English title at the weight. After Wright challenged McLeod to a return at 126lbs, give or take two pounds, the latter announced in the Sporting Life on 25 November that he would be boxing at 136lbs from thereon. In later years, McLeod joined the Salvation Army and in 1905 a book on his life, written by The Reverend Albert Dearden, was published. Unfortunately, it was anti-boxing and gave little detail on McLeod’s boxing career. Although Jem Carney showed some interest in the 128lbs title in 1881 that is all it was and the weight class only came to life again in September 1883 when Young Jacob Hyams challenged all England.