1879-07-31 (108lbs) Tommy Hawkins w co 17 (finish) Charlie Hipkiss, England

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1879-07-31 (108lbs) Tommy Hawkins w co 17 (finish) Charlie Hipkiss, England. Referee: Charlie Bedford. Contested about 50 miles from London before a limited audience of 45, and billed for the English 108lbs title in six-ounce gloves, Hawkins (107½) started the better, especially with rights to the body. Hipkiss (106) was over in the second and third rounds, and by the sixth he was perceivably weakening as Hawkins kept on coming. Although Hipkiss looked a beaten man in the 11th, Hawkins declined to finish it there and then, seeming to delight in handing out prolongued punishment. It was only after slipping down himself in the 16th that he finally went for the finishing line. Following a sharp rally in the 17th Hipkiss was knocked down, falling heavily on his head, and was counted out amid a stunned silence.

With there being no further big fights for Hawkins Dave Cable claimed the title in March 1881 after being turned down by Tommy Monk, who had also seen himself as the English champion at the weight. In October 1884, Hipkiss challenged any man in the world, Cable and Harry Barnes preferred.