1884-01-23 (108lbs) Steve Corbett w rtd 20 (finish) Jack Hullett, London, England

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23 January (108lbs) Steve Corbett w rtd 20 (finish) Jack Hullett, London, England. Made at 108lbs, this contest took place on a private show and with both men scaling 107lbs Corbett claimed the English title at the weight on his victory. Hullett was by far the cleverer of the pair while Corbett, who was making his first public appearance, was the harder hitter. Both men went crashing down together in the seventh round, but gradually Corbett began to take over and dropped Hullett heavily in the 13th. From thereon Hullett grew weaker and in the 20th, virtually exhausted, he resigned from the contest after one hour and 19 minutes of action.