1884-10-14 Jack Knifton w rtd 10 (finish) Woolf Bendoff, London, England

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1884-10-14 Jack Knifton w rtd 10 (finish) Woolf Bendoff, London, England. In a private show in London that was advertised for the English title and championship belt, Knifton (197), known as the ‘81-Tonner’, came close to being beaten in the opening round when he was nearly knocked out by a heavy blow to the jaw. However, recovering well he gradually got on top of the smaller Bendoff (165) and dropped him in a heap at the end of the fifth. Bendoff eventually retired at the end of the tenth, having nothing left.

Knifton claimed the English championship on the result, but although efforts were made to put together a fight against Jem Smith it never happened. The closest he got to a fight with Smith, having signed articles on 31 July 1886, was with bare-knuckles and it was called off, with stakes being drawn on 12 December. Apart from four three-round exhibition contests in 1887, against Alf Greenfield (Grand Circus, Campbell Street, Leicester on 11 February); Toff Wall (Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington, London on 15 February); Charlie Mitchell (Royal Agricultural Hall on 16 February) and Alf Greenfield (Royal Agricultural Hall on 17 February) that appears to be the end of his short ring career. Having been totally outclassed in all four exhibition bouts it came as no surprise when he walked away from the ring, his backer later saying that he was a better orator than fighter.