1884-10-31 (130lbs) Jim Kendrick drew 17 (finish) Young Jacob Hyams, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1884-10-31 (130lbs) Jim Kendrick drew 17 (finish) Young Jacob Hyams, England. Contested near London and considered to be for the English 130lbs lightweight title, the pattern of the fight was set from the opening gong as Hyams forced matters while Kendrick, using his longer reach, picked him off with the left hand. By the 17th it was clear that with both men showing signs of punishment, despite still being strong on their legs, it would be ending before too long and when someone reported that the police were nearby a draw was agreed upon. The fight was reported as being one of the most determined endurance bouts held under MoQ rules ever seen. Earlier, Harry Mead had won a championship competition at 130lbs when outpointing Jack Watts over three rounds at the Central Baths, St Luke’s, London on 29 March 1880. A day later he outpointed Harry Solomon over three rounds at The Five Inkhorns Public House, Shoreditch, London to land another competition, prior to Jemmy Highland (August 1880) and Jackie Moore (November 1880) challenging all England at the weight. Mead then gained a four-round points decision over Bill Green at the King’s Road Baths, Chelsea, London on 3 April 1882. That result was followed by a three-round points win over Jim Brock at the St Andrew’s Hall, Westminster, London on 14 August 1882. Next came Sam Baxter, who won three successive championship competitions, when outpointing Mark Dooley over three rounds at The Bell Public House, St Luke’s, London on 11 December 1984; knocking out Mead in the second round at the St Andrew’s Hall on 2 February 1886; and then outpointing Charlie Mitchell over three rounds at the same venue on 3 December 1886. Further championship competitions were won by Bill Whatley (who outpointed Patsy Carrick over three rounds at the Paradise Street School of Arms, Lambeth, London on 14 November 1887) and Harry Denny (who outpointed Whatley over four rounds at the Saddlers Wells Theatre, Clerkenwell, London on 14 December 1889).