1884-12-12 (115/116lbs) Johnny Murphy w pts 6 Robert Farrell, Calbo Club, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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12 December (115/116lbs) Johnny Murphy w pts 6 Robert Farrell, [[Calbo Club, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. There are no previous fights recorded for either man, but following this win in a mere six-round glove contest between Bostonians, Murphy claimed the American 115lbs title. The Boston Globe reported that it was a good exhibition in skill, courage and hard hitting that resulted in several visits to the deck. Although other papers gave the result as a third-round stoppage win for Murphy, there was no mention of that in the Globe’s fight report. Interestingly, no police were present either. In Britain the 116lbs (the equivalent) weight class had made a slow start with no real champions taking part in distance fights, just claimants and competition winners. The earliest was Jem Laxton, who had been claiming the title since March 1882, while Jim Brock and Harry Solomon challenged all England in November 1882 and December 1884 respectively. Other men who claimed the English title at the weight included Frank Murphy in September 1885 and Fred Johnson in March 1886.