1884-12-17 Jem Smith w rtd 12 (finish) Woolf Bendoff, London, England

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1883-12-17 Jem Smith w rtd 12 (finish) Woolf Bendoff, London, England. Held in the west end of London in private, Smith won a £50 trophy and claimed the English title after Bendoff, down in the 12th and saved by the bell, was retired during the interval. Using a long lead, Bendoff had made the fight but could not really hurt Smith, who continually backed off and waited for the former to become exhausted. At the finish Bendoff was still in front, but Smith had played a waiting game and remained unhurt throughout.

Smith followed this up when outpointing Tom Longer over three rounds to win a championship competition at the Blue Anchor Public House, Shoreditch, London on 26 February 1885.

Later in the year, Smith put down a deposit and accepted a challenge from Jack Davis, but the latter never covered it and Smith then disputed Alf Greenfield’s right to also be called the English champion. Smith and Davis would eventually come together, on 17 December, but it was with bare knuckles and the latter was knocked out inside six rounds.