1886-11-13 (116lbs) Billy Davis drew 31 (finish) Jack Kenney, Westchester County, New York, USA

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13 November (116lbs) Billy Davis drew 31 (finish) Jack Kenney, Westchester County, New York, USA. Made at 116lbs, it was described in the Daily Kennebec Journal as being a brutal contest in two-ounce gloves that ended in the 31st round when Davis (115) and Kenney (116) were so exhausted that they collapsed on top of each other. The paper reported that the faces of the men had been beaten out of all recognition. We next hear of Davis taking on Eugene Hornbacher in another fight that ended in a drawn decision, this time after 30 rounds, when both men were too weak to continue. Contested on Long Island, NY on 16 January 1887, Davis (110) scored a couple of heavy knockdowns early on but Hornbacher (120) came back strongly to gash his lip severely before dropping him in the 19th. The Galveston Daily News stated that for the next few sessions Davis had a torrid time of it prior to hitting back as his opponent tired. Although the weight discrepancy reported was far too great, there is every likelyhood that it was a printer’s error, especially as Davis scaled 115lbs in his previous contest and the fact that Hornbacher could have made 115lbs readily at that stage of his career. Meanwhile, in England, Bill Baxter was claiming to be the British champion at 116lbs.