1887-01-24 (124lbs) Ike Weir w co 6 (finish) Jack Farrell, New Jersey, USA

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1887-01-24 (124lbs) Ike Weir w co 6 (finish) Jack Farrell, New Jersey, USA. According to the New York Herald then two men came together in a nice warm room on the Hackensack Turnpike and soon got down to work, their struggle being one of the fiercest seen in skin-tight gloves. By the end of the third round Weir (123¼) was bleeding profusely, but in the fourth he went after Farrell (122¼) with real intent and followed that up in the fifth with two heavy knockdowns that had the latter all but out. The sixth saw Weir tear into his man with solid half-arm blows from both hands, almost using him as a punchbag, and eventually Farrell was smashed to the floor where he was counted out before being carried back to his corner. Although there was no championship billing, Weir claimed the 124lbs title following his win.

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