1887-03-31 (144lbs) Anthony Diamond w pts 10 Sam Baxter, St Andrew’s Hall, Westminster, London, England

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1887-03-31 (144lbs) Anthony Diamond w pts 10 Sam Baxter, St Andrew’s Hall, Westminster, London, England. Referee: B. J. Angle. Although contested at catchweights, Diamond (144), the former ABA lightweight and heavyweight champion who was making his official pro debut, defeated Baxter (130), and within a week he was already claiming the English 144lbs title. It was later reported to have been for the world 144lbs title as well as involving the English version. According to the papers of the day, Diamond won six rounds, Baxter two, with two even, Diamond using his extra weight to good advantage to take the verdict from the two judges at ringside. However, it was Baxter who was the closest to winning when he dropped Diamond with a right swing to the head in the sixth before his adversary was saved by the bell after being stunned by another big right at the end of the seventh.

Earlier, there had only been championship competitions held at the weight, which are listed herewith. They were all contested over three rounds.

On 23 December 1882, Charlie Mitchell outpointed Dick Roberts at St George’s Hall, Westminster, London in the final of Billy Madden’s heavyweight competition. Mitchell (143) was deemed to have outscored Roberts (142) when receiving the referee’s casting vote. Strangely, Mitchell and Roberts were the two lightest men in a competition that included 21 entries.

In 1883, Bill Natty (outpointed Jack Donoghue on 23 January at the St Andrew’s Hall), George Wilson (outpointed Ching Ghook at the Alexandra Rink, Nottingham on 29 May) and Jim Picton (outpointed Ghook at the Blue Anchor Public House, Shoreditch, London on 26 November).

Come 1884, Toff Wall (outpointed Tom Picton at the Blue Anchor Public House on 15 February) and Arthur Cooper (outpointed Jack McFarlane at the St Andrew’s Hall on 29 February and then Jim Picton at the Blue Anchor Public House on 7 December).

On 26 February 1885, the Sporting Life reported Wall to be the English 144lbs champion.

Further activity in championship competitions at 144lbs that were held at the Blue Anchor Public House came when Wall, who had (outpointed Ted Burchill on 21 January 1886). That was followed by Baxter (outpointing Ted Burchill on 16 December 1886 and then outpointing Jim Burchill on 19 January 1887).