1887-08-08 (146lbs) Johnny Reagan drew 39 (finish) Tom Henry, Long Island, New York, USA

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1887-08-08 (146lbs) Johnny Reagan drew 39 (finish) Tom Henry, Long Island, New York, USA. Referee: Frank Stevenson. Taking place 50 miles up the Hudson River in a dancing Pavilion at a point on the Long Island shore almost opposite Larchmont, and with both men inside 146lbs, Reagan (142) put his American title claim up for grabs against Henry (145) in what was a hard-glove fight under MoQ Rules. Henry made the better start when forcing the fight, and apart from being knocked down in the opener he made all the running throughout the first 36 rounds, with Reagan being told to back off by his handlers in order to conserve his energy. There were no reports of any further knockdowns in the New York Herald report, the paper stating that the fighting was cautious from the 15th through to the 27th, with rounds 28 to 32 being characterized by even hitting and the 33rd and 34th sessions being desperate. In the 36th, according to the paper, Reagan came on strong, battering Henry unmercifully before the howling mob forced both men over the ropes and down among the settees outside the ring. At that point the referee took the only course left open to him and brought matters to a halt early after two hours and 35 minutes, calling it a draw. Reagan moved on to fight Nonpareil Jack Dempsey for the American middles crown.