1887-08-26 (115/116lbs) Billy Davis w co 9 (finish) Hughie Boyle, NYC, New York, USA

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26 August (115/116lbs) Billy Davis w co 9 (finish) Hughie Boyle, NYC, New York, USA. According to the Bismark Daily Tribune, this fight was for the bantamweight championship of the world and took place in a private residence up town. The paper went on to say that it was contested under MoQ Rules, wearing kid gloves, and that honours were about even up until the ninth round when Boyle was knocked out by a swinging right to the jaw. Although no weights were mentioned it is probably fair to assume that the fight was made inside 115lbs, bearing in mind that Davis was already claiming the American title at that poundage.

Obviously a growing lad, Davis was soon fighting bigger men. In England on 15 December 1888, Pudney Sullivan won a championship competition when outpointing George Baxter over three rounds at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Westminster, London, and promptly signed himself off as the English champion at the weight.