1887-12-16 (112lbs) George Camp w rtd 15 (finish) Jack Sharpe, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1887-12-16 (112lbs) George Camp w rtd 15 (finish) Jack Sharpe, London, England. Referee: Bob Kirby. Held somewhere in London’s west-end, although no weights or title billing was reported later gossip gave Camp as winning the English 112lbs title on his victory. The opening ten rounds were fought at a brisk pace between two well-matched and clever men, with Sharpe possibly in the lead due to his strength. In the 14th Camp began to get on top by dint of some heavy punches to the head, and in the 15th Sharpe gave as good as he got before further heavy blows to his head saw him retire himself.

Sharpe went on to win a championship competition at the weight when outpointing Patsy O’Grady over three rounds at the Pelican Club, Soho, London, on 9 January 1888. He then forced ‘The Unknown’ to retire inside 12 rounds at the Public Baths, Newmarket on 26 January 1888 to win a silver championship belt.