1888-01-20 (105lbs) George Dixon w rtd 6 (10) Charlie Parton, New Pelican Club, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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20 January (105lbs) George Dixon w rtd 6 (10) Charlie Parton, New Pelican Club, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Referee: Jack Williams. With only four known contests behind him, the 17-year-old Dixon was already claiming the 105lbs title by dint of a five-round kayo win over Johnny Lyman at the Earley AC, Boston on 2 January, albeit in a match made at 108lbs. It was Dixon who made the early running, dropping Parton in the third and building on that success with a solid fourth round before the Englishman came back strongly in the fifth. Unfortunately for Parton a right swing that caught Dixon’s elbow in the sixth saw him retired after it was discovered that he had broken a finger. This is the only fight I can find for Parton and even though the contest was advertised as being for the 105lbs championship no individual weights were announced. On 26 January it was reported by the Boston Daily Globe that Dixon would shortly be defending his 105lbs title claim against Patsy Kelley. When the two boys eventually met, on 21 March at the Tremont AC, Boston, there was no mention of the 105lbs title and it was said that the 26-year-old Kelley was having his first contest. The fight itself ended in a 15-round draw after Kelley appeared to have had slightly the better of the exchanges, had closed one of Dixon’s eyes and shown he carried the heavier punch.