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1888-01-25 McHenry Johnson w disq 4 (finish) George Godfrey, Boulder County, Colorado, USA. Referee: Dick Williams. Contested in four-ounce gloves about 15 miles from Denver on a branch of the Burlington Road, after two tame rounds Godfrey almost knocked Johnson senseless in the third and then continued to pound the latter around the ring at will. In the fourth Godfrey was again completely on top with Johnson unable to do much about it other than hold on for dear life. Told to break by the referee Godfrey continued to pound away, eventually knocking Johnson to the floor with a right to the jaw. Although Johnson, who had been down three times, was comprehensively beaten his seconds claimed a foul and too much surprise the referee went along with it.

Following the fight, although allowing the result to stand, the organisers decided that as far as the stake money was concerned Godfrey should receive the lion’s share. This appears to be the last fight for Johnson and Godfrey continued to claim the ‘black’ title.

On 14 May 1888, Godfrey challenged John L. Sullivan, who refused point blank. Following that, the Boston Police News stated that Godfrey had every right to the ‘black’ title.