1888-02-01 (112lbs) Con Donovan w rtd 63 (finish) Tommy Monk, Public Baths, Newmarket, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1 February (112lbs) Con Donovan w rtd 63 (finish) Tommy Monk, Public Baths, Newmarket, England. Referee: W. Reilly. It was so even for long periods of time that a draw was proposed in the 49th round, but the men refused the offer when deciding to settle it there and then. Both fighters were in superb condition and it was not until the 63rd that Donovan (111) took a decisive lead when he smashed Monk (112) to the floor. Although he tried to get up Monk was unable to do so due to injuring his leg when he fell' and after being carried to his corner at the bell he was retired. Declared the winner, Donovan claimed the English 112lbs title on the result.

On 22 February Little Bill Goode challenged the world, while Charlie Smith (who outpointed Charlie Roberts over three rounds on 2 March at the Blue Anchor Public House, Shoreditch, London) and Goody Jacobs (who outpointed Ike Valentine over three rounds on 15 March at the Dramatic Hall, Spitafields, London) both won English championship competitions at the weight.