1888-02-01 (135lbs) Mike Daly drew 15 Jim Carroll, Racquet Club, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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1888-02-01 (135lbs) Mike Daly drew 15 Jim Carroll, Racquet Club, Boston, Massachusets, USA. Referee: Joe Lannon. With Daly (133) billed as the 135lbs champion of America, his title claim was at risk despite decisions not being given in Boston at the time. With MoQ Rules applying and two-ounce gloves in use, Daly knocked Carroll (133¾) down twice before the latter rallied to get right back into the fight. Having knocked Daly down heavily in the 14th, Carroll was looking to take his man out of the fight in the next session but was unable to do so. Articled for 15 rounds, press reports implied that the men wanted to fight on to find a winner and that the police called it off, but that would seem to be debatable, especially as Daly was getting the worse of it.

On 5 December 1889, Daly’s claim was deemed to be worthless by the New York Herald when he received by far the worst of another 15-round draw at the Cribb Club, Boston against Jack McAuliffe, albeit weighing 138lbs to his opponent’s 141. That apart, Daly is not seen as having any further major fights until 1893 when defeated by Austin Gibbons.