1888-04-23 (140lbs) Frank Howson w disq 2 (finish) Dick Burge, Grand Cross Circus, Sheffield, England

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1888-04-23 (140lbs) Frank Howson w disq 2 (finish) Dick Burge, Grand Cross Circus, Sheffield, England. Referee: J. T. Hulls. A fight at 140lbs, to most onlookers it looked to be a blatant fix as Burge deliberately hit Howson twice when the latter was on the floor and virtually already a beaten man. Howson, much taller than his rival, had scored reasonably well with the left in the opening round, but Burge always looked the most dangerous of the pair.

Although Howson had some claim to the English title on the result he never pushed it.

On 11 July, Felix Scott outpointed Lachie Thomson over four rounds at the Lyceum Theatre, Pembroke Place, Liverpool, to win a 140lbs world championship belt competition. Scott, a Negro, was later arrested on the charge of assaulting a policeman, being sent down for 18 months on 1 August.

Although Jim Kendrick was still claiming the English championship at all weights between 138 and 144lbs, another 140lbs man to be reckoned with was Burge, who won a championship competition when outpointing Alf Kirkbride over three rounds at The Floral Hall, Leicester on 7 April 1889.

Other men to win 140lbs championship competitions included Bill Cheese (who outpointed Arthur Gutteridge over three rounds at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington, London on 27 April 1889 and Alf Suffolk over four rounds at the Royal Aquarium Theatre, Westminster, London on 7 December 1889), Dave Galvin (who knocked out Andy Cannon in the first round at the Pelican Club, Soho, London on 21 May 1889), Suffolk (who outpointed Ching Ghook over three rounds at the Pelican Club on 4 November 1889) and George Sullivan (who outpointed George Baxter over three rounds at the Albany Club, Islington, London on 19 December 1889).

Following this, Scott, who was out of prison, Thomson (February 1890) and Bill Hatcher (April 1890) were challenging all England at the weight.