1888-08-18 (107lbs) Jack Dinan w co 8 (finish) Frank Donovan, Westchester, New York, USA

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1888-08-18 (107lbs) Jack Dinan w co 8 (finish) Frank Donovan, Westchester, New York, USA. Held in a barn and waged in skin-tight gloves, it was bloody and brutal while it lasted according to the Salt Lake Daily Tribune. In the first round Dinan (106½) tore into Donovan (106) and before too long the latter’s right eye was damaged. In the second session Donovan came back trading blow for blow, and in the third he opened up a gash over Dinan’s right eye. Despite both of his eyes being almost closed by the fourth Donovan attacked Dinan non-stop, but after swinging wildly he cut his head badly when coming into contact with a broken tumbler on a ledge above the ring. From there on Donovan began to weaken, continually losing a lot of blood, and in the eighth he was forced to the ropes and dropped for the full count by a heavy right to the jugular. Dinan claimed the American 107lbs title on the result.

Some records have the 18-year olds meeting in a return on 25 November 1889, with Dinan again knocking out Donovan, this time in the seventh round. However, after much researching I have been unable to come up with anything and it may well have been a duplication of the above contest. Dinan was reported to have gone blind a short while