1888-10-30 (144lbs) Paddy Duffy w disq 17 (finish) Billy McMillan, Virginia, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1888-10-30 (144lbs) Paddy Duffy w rsc 17 (finish) Billy McMillan, Virginia, USA. Contested inside an old building near Fort Foote on the shoreline and articled as a hard-glove fight at 144lbs under MoQ Rules, Duffy was recognised as the American welterweight champion after his victory. The fight itself saw McMillan knocked down in the 13th round and holding on desperately until he was too tired to continue before the fight was awarded to Duffy. The Washington Post reported Duffy to weigh 137lbs, while other reports claimed that Duffy scaled 140lbs to McMillan’s 143.