1888-12-13 (100lbs) Tom De Groat nc 37 (finish) Harry Gower, London, England

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1888-12-13 (100lbs) Tom De Groat nc 37 (finish) Harry Gower, London, England. Referee: H. Woodstock. Articled at catchweights and contested somewhere in London’s east end using three-ounce gloves, it was later reported to have been for the English 100lbs title. When the fight was stopped by the police after two hours and 26 minutes, the referee later ruled that it should be restarted on 27 December. However, although both parties turned up on the day, Gower refused to use new gloves and weigh in again, whereupon the referee awarded De Groat the stake money. The fight itself saw both men start well, with Gower (100¼), the early aggressor, dropping De Groat (98) three times in the opening two rounds. The contest then became more even and by the 12th Gower’s left eye was almost closed after the men had been toe-to-toe for much of the time. Prior to the action ending both men were still fighting like tigers, De Groat going for the head and Gower concentrating on the body, and if there was going to be a winner the former appeared the favourite at that stage.