1888-12-31 (160lbs+) Alf Mitchell w pts 12 Ted O’Neill, Lyceum Theatre, Liverpool, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1888-12-31 (160lbs+) Alf Mitchell w pts 12 Ted O’Neill, Lyceum Theatre, Liverpool, England. Reported in the Sporting Life as a contest to decide the catchweight championship of Lancashire it was really the English title that was involved. Certainly, both men treated it seriously and it was a close and hard-fought affair with Mitchell (161), hitting very straight, concentrating on the body and O’Neill (168), who was not in the best of condition, fighting like a lion. It was only in the last few rounds when O’Neill weakened that the Cardiff-born Mitchell took over and the paper stated that finer a contest was never witnessed. Earlier in the year there had already been three catchweight championship competitions. The first one saw Alf Mitchell outpoint Alf Ball over three rounds on 4 June at the Pelican Club, Soho, London and was followed by Toff Wall outpointing Mitchell over four rounds on 8 December at the Royal Aquarium Theatre, Westminster, London and Ted Burchell also outpointing Mitchell over four rounds on 15 December at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Haymarket, London. In 1889 Mitchell came back to win a championship competition when he outpointed Charlie Bartlett over four rounds at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington High Street, London on 16 March and was followed by Jim Haines (who forced Jack Welland to retire in the first round at the Pelican Club, Denman Street, Soho, London on 1 April and then outpointed Alf Bowman over four rounds on 30 May at Her Majesty’s Theatre), Bill Chesterfield Goode (who outpointed O’Neill over four rounds on 27 April at the Royal Agricultural Hall) and Ted White (who outpointed Bat Mullins over four rounds at the same venue on 27 April 1889).