1889-01-17 (108lbs) Bill Lawless w co 18 (finish) Jack Tyson, London, England

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1889-01-17 (108lbs) Bill Lawless w co 18 (finish) Jack Tyson, London, England. Referee: G. Richmond. Although there was no title billing as such, later gossip gave it as an English 108lbs championship fight that took place somewhere in a fashionable part of the west end of London. The fight saw both men landing solid blows to head and body and there was not a great deal between them prior to the 15th, before the tide changed when Tyson (108) went down for a count of ‘five’ after taking a right to the jaw. Although weakened, Tyson gamely hung in as Lawless (106), who had slipped down on a couple of occasions himself, tried hard to end the fight and in the 17th the former was pluckily getting back into it. However, it was all over for Lawless in the 18th when a right to the jaw sent him crashing down to be counted out on the 2.30 mark. Surprisingly, there is no record of Lawless ever claiming to be the champion.

On 12 September, Arthur Westley, who had been due to contest the vacant title with Billy Plimmer, also claimed the 108lbs championship when the latter was unable to go through with the fight.

Meanwhile, in America, Chappie Moran, was advertising himself as the world champion at the weight in September and back home Enos Handley and Bill Dexter were challenging all England at 108lbs in November and December respectively.