1890-01-20 (126lbs) James Jumper Howe w co 8 (12) Patsy O’Leary, Victoria Recreation Grounds, Newcastle, England

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1890-01-20 (126lbs) Jumper How w co 8 (12) Patsy O’Leary, Victoria Recreation Grounds, Newcastle, England. Referee: H. Woodstock. Billed for the 126lbs international title, in the billing details it was reported as being scheduled for 20 rounds while the fight report gave it as a 12 rounder. Following a fairly slow start and plenty of hugging, O’Leary slipped down in the second round before Howe (123¾) was dropped at the start of the third. There was no doubting that Howe was hurt but he got up quickly and tore into O’Leary throwing uppercuts for all he was worth. Although O’Leary was still the aggressor, Howe was steadily fighting him off and in the sixth the former was dropped and only just made it to the call of time. Floored in the seventh and again in the eighth O’Leary was in real trouble, and on getting up from the latest knockdown he was counted out after being sent to the floor by a right to the jaw.

On 8 February, Alf Neal challenged any man in the world at 126lbs.