1890-03-11 (134lbs) Sam Blakelock w disq 7 (finish) Dave Burke, Social Club, Kennington, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1890-03-11 (134lbs) Sam Blakelock w disq 7 (finish) Dave Burke, Social Club, Kennington, London, England. Referee: George Dunning. Billed for the English 134lbs title, although Burke made all the running it was Blakelock who produced the better work and in the second round the man from Bethnal Green was dropped by a tremendous blow to the ribs. Throughout the contest it was the straighter punching of Blakelock that caught the eye and he was the one scoring the majority of the points. The Sporting Life described the sixth as one long rally, with Burke sticking to Blakelock like a leech, but in the seventh the former was disqualified when blatantly back-heeling his rival before falling down on top of him. On winning, Blakelock became the first man to win an English 134lbs championship in a distance fight. Earlier, championship competition winners at the weight included Sam Baxter (who forced Dave Galvin to retire in the second round at the Royal Aquarium Theatre, Westminster, London on 23 February 1889), Alf Suffolk (who knocked out Fred Mansford in the first round at the Pelican Club, Soho, London on 25 February 1889 and outpointed Dido Hopwood over three rounds at the Talbot Street Circus, Nottingham on 16 April 1889) and Harry Denny (who outpointed Suffolk over four rounds at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington, London on 16 March 1889).