1890-03-31 (120lbs) Bill Baxter w disq 6 (20) Fred Johnson, Pelican Club, Soho, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1890-03-31 (120lbs) Bill Baxter w disq 6 (20) Fred Johnson, Pelican Club, Soho, London, England. Referee: Bernard J. Angle. Billed for the English 120lbs championship, after an even first round the second saw Baxter (120) hurt by body blows and after he had gone down in the third Johnson (119) was cautioned. At the end of the fifth the man from Hackney was just about in front before being dropped by a right to the jugular in the sixth, and following a wild melee in which both men threw solid punches he was disqualified after doubling Baxter up with a low blow just as the session ended. In June, Baxter was challenged by George Johnson, Fred’s brother, and Hippy Homer, who was just back from a trip to America. On 19 September Baxter offered Fred Johnson a return, but the offer was declined on the grounds that in 16 bouts between them Baxter had never weighed less than 120lbs. Over the next two years other claimants for the English title included Arthur Valentine (who outpointed Arthur Carpenter over four rounds to win a championship competition at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Westminster, London on 4 April 1891) and Jack Usher, whose June 1891 title challenge lost all credibility when he was outpointed over 20 rounds by George Read at the Waites’ School of Arms, Soho, London on 7 December 1891.