1890-06-27 (114lbs) George Dixon w rtd 18 (30) Nunc Wallace, Pelican Club, Soho, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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27 June (114lbs) George Dixon w rtd 18 (30) Nunc Wallace, Pelican Club, Soho, London, England. Referee: George Vize. Billed for the world 114lbs title, Wallace being advertised as the world champion by forfeit after Dixon withdrew from a bout scheduled earlier, the fight was contested in four-ounce gloves. Dixon (113) gradually got on top, although Wallace (112) more than held his own in several rounds before being knocked down in the tenth. From thereon the Englishman weakened and in the 18th, having been hit at will and completely exhausted, he stumbled to his corner and retired. The round of the finish was also shown as the 19th in some papers.

Following Wallace’s defeat, Arthur Wilkinson continued to claim the English 114lbs title and was joined by Tom Gardner (September), Ernie Haley (who won a championship competition on 18 October when outpointing Sid Phillips over three rounds at Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle) and Charlie Mansford (who also won a championship competition when outpointing Tim Buckley over four rounds on 4 April 1891 at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Westminster, London).