1890-07-22 (140lbs) William Robinson w co 3 (finish) Nat Bell, England

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1890-07-22 (140lbs) William Robinson w co 3 (finish) Nat Bell, England. Referee: Robert Watson. Contested at a private show in the south of the country, having staggered Bell badly with a left hand as the gong sounded to bring the first round to an end, Robinson went after his man, who was saved by the call of time after being put down. In the third Bell was punched all over the ring prior to being knocked out by a right to the jaw. With both men inside the prescribed 140lbs, the winner had a good claim at the weight to the English title.

Following a championship competition win over Arthur Gutteridge, who he outpointed over three rounds at the Pelican Club, Soho, London on 15 November, Robinson followed Bill Cheese (1 May 1891) and challenged the world on 25 September 1891 before moving on.