1890-07-24 (108lbs) Ponk Andrews w disq 8 (finish) Alf Bates, Shoreditch, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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24 July (108lbs) Ponk Andrews w disq 8 (finish) Alf Bates, Shoreditch, London, England. Contested on a private show near Shoreditch Church and made at 108lbs using small gloves, after a fairly even start both fell down together in the fourth round and both were cautioned for holding in the sixth. By the seventh Andrews (106) was considered to be in front, but in his over eagerness he fell at Bates’ feet just as time was called. The fight came to an end when Bates (104) cross-buttocked his man and an appeal for a foul on behalf of Andrews was made and upheld. That was the given result in the Sporting Life while The Sportsman reported it as a stoppage. Andrews claimed the English 108lbs title following his win but failed to capitalise on his success.